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Why We Only Carry Breakaway Cat And Kitten Collars In Our Cat Store

Lunchbox Blue Bow Tie Cat Or Kitten Collar


Sea Waves flower cat or kitten breakaway collar


There are so many different types of cat and kitten collars on the market today. Cat owner’s have many styles to choose from for their pet cats.

At Hemingway’s Cat Boutique, we carry a large selection of unique cat and kitten collars; ranging from; bow tie, fabric, leather, swarovki and faux fur. But, one thing all of these collars have in common is that they are all “Breakaway, Safety or Quick release”.

The reason for this is we can never be too careful with our cats safety! We “get cats” here at Hemingway’s and believe regardless of how careful we are with our cats, they are still mischievous creatures-curious by nature. It would not take much for a cat to find himself in harms way and have his collar stuck on something and you not be around to rescue him/her.

Where we opened our online cat store last year, I was going through some of my designer catalogs to decide what product lines to carry.  Something took me back to an experience a friend of mine had with one of her cats 10 or more years ago. She loved her cat but did allow him outside during the day when she was at work. ( she lived in the country and it was normal at the time). She had a garage adjacent to her home with a kitty door. The garage was equipped with an air unit so kitty could go into the garage any time and be comfortable.

One day my friend came home from work and could not find her cat. She called for him but he did not come. She went looking in the garage through boxes and any where a cat would like to hide. She did finally find him but unfortunately he had passed away. He had gotten his collar caught on a chair and had choked to death. It was a very sad day for her and I remember her calling me as if it were yesterday.

If her cat had been wearing a breakaway/safety collar that day, This tragedy would never have happened.

So when shopping our cat only shop, you can be rest assured that all of the collars we carry have this extra layer of protection with them.

It is a little something we can do to make the world a safer place for the felines that we love!


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