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Great Gift Ideas For Cat Moms This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 14th and we know many of you will be looking for the most unique gift for that special cat mom on this special day.

Below are a several suggestions for that special kitty mom. All are in stock and ready to ship!

catmomboxsign (8)

Cat Mom Box Sign:

This is a great and unique gift for any cat mom! “It’s Good To Be A Cat Mom” features all the benefits of having kitty cats!  It is made of wood and measures 7″ Square. In Stock and Ready to Ship! Buy this item here >>



Cat Lady Pillow

Your special Cat Mom will LOVE this lovely cat lady pillow! it is a gorgeous, large- 16″ Square Cat Lady Pillow and is made of cotton for easy care. In Stock and Ready to Ship. Buy this item here >>


catloveheathergrayladiesshirt (6)


Cat Love Heather Gray Cat Lovers Shirt

One of our favorites! This custom made cat lovers shirt will be a hit with your stylish cat lady!

It features 3/4 sleeve shirt in heather gray, hand screen printed with cat love design in black. It is lightweight and luxurious. The fabric has been laundered to reduce shrinkage. Available in one size that fits mosts. Buy this item here >>



Really Cool Cat Lady Shirt

Delightful cat lovers t-shirt that reads: “This is what a really cool cat lady looks like”.

This adorable cat lovers shirt is made of 100% cotton & made in the USA. Buy this item here >>


idecoratewithcats (1)

Crazy Cat Lady Coffee Mug

This fun ceramic mug is red, black, and white. One side reads “Crazy Cat Lady”. The other side reads “I decorate with cats.”. Measures 5 3/4″ tall, holds 16 oz. Gift boxed. Buy this item here >>


For other ideas for Mother’s Day 2017, please visit our Shop Cat Moms section here >>

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Why We Only Carry Breakaway Cat And Kitten Collars In Our Cat Store

Lunchbox Blue Bow Tie Cat Or Kitten Collar


Sea Waves flower cat or kitten breakaway collar


There are so many different types of cat and kitten collars on the market today. Cat owner’s have many styles to choose from for their pet cats.

At Hemingway’s Cat Boutique, we carry a large selection of unique cat and kitten collars; ranging from; bow tie, fabric, leather, swarovki and faux fur. But, one thing all of these collars have in common is that they are all “Breakaway, Safety or Quick release”.

The reason for this is we can never be too careful with our cats safety! We “get cats” here at Hemingway’s and believe regardless of how careful we are with our cats, they are still mischievous creatures-curious by nature. It would not take much for a cat to find himself in harms way and have his collar stuck on something and you not be around to rescue him/her.

Where we opened our online cat store last year, I was going through some of my designer catalogs to decide what product lines to carry.  Something took me back to an experience a friend of mine had with one of her cats 10 or more years ago. She loved her cat but did allow him outside during the day when she was at work. ( she lived in the country and it was normal at the time). She had a garage adjacent to her home with a kitty door. The garage was equipped with an air unit so kitty could go into the garage any time and be comfortable.

One day my friend came home from work and could not find her cat. She called for him but he did not come. She went looking in the garage through boxes and any where a cat would like to hide. She did finally find him but unfortunately he had passed away. He had gotten his collar caught on a chair and had choked to death. It was a very sad day for her and I remember her calling me as if it were yesterday.

If her cat had been wearing a breakaway/safety collar that day, This tragedy would never have happened.

So when shopping our cat only shop, you can be rest assured that all of the collars we carry have this extra layer of protection with them.

It is a little something we can do to make the world a safer place for the felines that we love!


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Mystery The Persian Cat Needs Your Help!


Hey fellow cat lovers,

We are sharing this story with all of you in hopes we can help Mystery’s Mom raise the needed money for all the medical procedures needed to get her back on track.

Here is her Mom’s story:
The short,

Mystery, Persian needs a facial reconstruction after being found a month after she had gone missing. The image shown here is one I took yesterday which shows major healing and improvement over where we started just 9 days ago. She’s fought infection and swelling, and is now eating. She has no nose- we need to rebuild her one, so that she can live and breathe safe.

The detailed:

On New Year’s Eve, My Persian Mystery, an indoor only kitty somehow ended up outside. After much rethinking this out, I believe she walked out the front door onto the porch while I was talking to the mailman holding the door open, he came very late that day. Mystery is a curious kitty and quite friendly. I think my girl most likely followed the mailman to some point once I shut the actual door. I have MS and because of my MS- I can’t see anywhere except directly in front of my eyes. I can not see any surrounding areas as most people- I have no peripheral view at all.

I put out posters, flyers, and even knocked on doors. I searched people’s yards, their sheds, and even their window sills. We walked our neighborhood and drove it daily, sometimes multiple times each day in search for Mystery. I searched the pound and called Animal Control each and every week, keeping new flyers posted fresh in everyone’s mind. I posted to vets, groomers, lost and founds, ect., weekly. I scanned the groups twice daily in search of Mystery. The list goes on and on for all that I did to find my baby, I refused to believe she wasn’t coming home.

Each day as my faith and trust in God grew stronger;  I knew she was soon to be home in my arms. I BELIEVED and never gave up.

Then an amazing thing happened! On January 31st, Animal Control was called to pick up an injured animal seen a little over 2 miles from my home. The officer immediately recognized my girl from flyers posted in the lost and found from her markings, for her face was a bloody mess and unrecognizable. He brought her to my front door, he became my hero that day!.

Looking into her face, wondering if she even had a face through the bloody fur, I cried tears of many mixed emotions.

The big news, SHE WAS ALIVE! We rushed to the ER Vet where she stayed a few days before being transferred to a Specialty Clinic in Richmond VA.  Based on her condition, it was obvious she had been outside during the entire month on her own for she was skin and bones.

The Vets shared, the bloody trauma happened within 12-18 hours of being found as per the timeline seen in her face.

Once the infection was under control we had a CT scan: Here is what we found…the skull was ok, however her head, and face showed multiple bite marks, puncture wounds and the right side of her face was ripped off from the top on the nose going down the right side, under the eye and to the top right side of her lip. Her jaw and teeth are good, even though there is much bruising.  Her eye area is too swollen to be able to determine the condition of the eye at this time. Her nose – gone! We’re not certain what attacked her.

She needs facial reconstruction and I’m not certain just how many surgeries will be required. Every day she looks better in her healing process. She is a fighter and has so much spunk it’s nothing short of the grace of God she’s home and healing.

So far Mystery survived the outdoors, crossing over a major highway, flooding, deep snow, below freezing temperatures, lack of food/water and then being attacked during the long month of being lost.
Her blood values came back remarkable, her infection is under control, her skin tissue is starting to heal, and she’s even trying to eat hard food. She is an amazing kitty!

I’ve never asked for help before like this…. I just do not even know what this entire procedure will end up costing, today I marked what has been spent up to this date to include my first surgical estimate on Tuesday upcoming… I’ve been told that this could possibly run up to about 10-12K. I know some of you may say…she’s a cat, but to me- this is my girl, my heart, my love. I have to do what is right in my heart. I have to be able to live with myself. To be able to do this- I must do all that I am able.

May God bless anyone reading my story and double bless anyone who can help us. Just think, if 1000 people can donate a minor $10.00, We’d be in our final goal.

Gofundme will take 5%, I feel this is fair for the software and service. However, if you desire to help via a paypal…my paypal is purrinlot @ – no spaces

With love and faith, I thank you in advance, Laura

Here is the flyer her mom posted of her when she went missing.. Such a Gorgeous girl!


This story touched me deeply and I have been following it since she went missing. She looks so much like my Maxwell who will be 17 this year.

Please if you can afford to give her a donation, I know she would appreciate it. The cost of the vet bills are going to be steep considering the amount of injury done to this sweet angel.

Below is the link to her GoFund Me Page. Please note that she has posted a picture of Mystery’s injuries. It is hard to see but shows the extent of her injuries and why she desperately needs our help.

Thank you so much for reading and donating what you can.

God bless!





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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have you covered here at Hemingway’s Cat Boutique!

Below are several “quick ship” items we currently have in stock here in our cat store- ensuring that your loved one receive their gift in time for the big day!



The picture does not do this photo frame justice. It is actually quite large and very sturdy. It can be hung on a wall or used on a desk or table as a box sign. This lovely cat lover picture frame measures  10″ Square and holds 4 x 6 photo. It is made of wood with easy screw turn leaf plates on the back for photo insert.


Cat Mom Box Sign

For all the Cat Moms out there, this sign is for you! Express your love for cats with this adorable box sign by Primitives By Kathy. It is made of wood and measures 7″ Square. Makes a great gift for cat lovers.


thecatsrules (3)

The Cats Rules 

This beautiful textured artwork by primitives by kathy says:

THE Cat’s Rules – I LIVE HERE YOU’RE JUST VISITING -don’t expect me to move -NO DOGS ALLOWED – I don’t need your attitude I have my own – all guests must be approved by the cat -if you want someone to fetch get a dog -DRY FOOD WON’T BE TOLERATED -no need

It measures: 13.50″ x 19″ & makes the perfect gift for cat lovers.



Cats In Waiting Cotton Apron

Featuring a fun design of cats, this apron by the artist Madeleine Floyd is produced from 100% cotton with a PVC coating and contrast neck tie. The apron is exceptionally practical and requires very little maintenance; just simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep it pristine.


catwalkteatowel (3)

CatWalk Kitchen Towel

This fun cotton tea towel in a Catwalk design features colorful cat characters. Produced from 100% cotton, this fun colourful design has a cream and subtle gold border complementing the colors throughout the design. The tea towel will come packaged with a branded swinging tag. Look out for other kitchen textiles available in this collection. The catwalk kitchen towel is made of cotton and measures 29 x 18.9. It is machine washable with colorfast to resist any fading. Lint-free and fast-drying. Makes the perfect gift for cat lovers!


cozycatsteacosy (4)

Cozy Cat Tea Cosy

This fun cozy cats tea cosy makes a brilliant, alternative, affordable gift for weddings, birthdays and are perfect as an original housewarming present especially for those who drink gallons of tea. The quirky designs will liven up any breakfast table and of course they keep your tea toastie warm inside its pot!


fantasticatmug (7)

Laurel Burch Fantasticats Mug

This fun ceramic mug has a design of a group of colorful cat portraits.  Approximate Size: 4.25″ h and holds approx 16 oz. We recommend HAND WASHING these fantastic mugs. They are NOT microwave or dishwasher safe.


catloveheathergrayladiesshirt (5)

Cat Love Heather Gray Ladies Shirt

“There is no greater bond than between a human and their Cat”

Express your undying love for cats with this one-of-a-kind ladies cat shirt. The product features 3/4 sleeve shirt in heather gray that is hand screen printed with cat love design in black. One size fits most: Chest 45 inches and body length 26 inches.


Cat Lover Scarf for Cat Ladies by Primitives By Kathy

This lovely cat love ladies scarf by Primitives by Kathy is an exquisite scarf embellished with cat figures and sayings on a off-white background with mini black tassels.It measures 20″ x 72″. Makes a great gift for cat ladies.



Our E-Gift Card

Looking for an amazing gift for a cat lover and are at your wits end trying to find them something? Look no further. Hemingway’s Cat Boutique now offers E-Gift Cards,  that once purchased, will be emailed to the recipient, allowing them to shop in our store, any time- day or night.

Our e-gift card makes the “Purrfect” gift for cat lovers this holiday season!

This is for one $100.00 E-Gift Card. We also offer them in increments of $25.00, $75.00 and $100.00.

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The Purrfect Dish For Persian Cats

I understand firsthand how hard it can be to find the right feeding dish for a Persian Cat or Exotic Short Hair Breed. I have a 17 year old Persian Cat named Maxwell who is my world.

Persians are magnificent cats. They are loving, loyal, regal like and stunningly gorgeous.

They also easily suffer from what is called Whisker Stress.

Basically, Whisker Stress occurs when a Persian Cat eats out of any dish that is deep. Whisker Stress is caused when the cat’s sensitive whiskers touch the sides of the bowl.

Whiskers play an enormous role in our kitties lives. Whiskers act as feelers for our kitties, cautioning them to their surroundings.
At the end of each whisker, receptors send a message to the cats nervous system and brain. These receptors are very sensitive, alerting your cat and assisting them when they move from place to place.

The Whiskers Stress Free Dish is the purrfect solution for this common problem with our Persian and flat faced feline family members.

The wide, shallow, ceramic dish that comes with this feeder is designed to reduce whisker stress.



The Whiskers Stress Free Cat Dish is water resistant as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

It is available in three colors: Black, White and Gray.



You can purchase the Whiskers Stress Free Cat Dish Here >>

You can purchase additional dishes for the Whiskers Stress Free Cat Dish Here >>

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Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Cat Lover This Holiday Season-2016

Christmas 2016 is upon us which means the search has begun to find the purrfect gift for all of the cat lovers on your holiday list.

Holiday shopping is stressful enough so we thought we would assist you in listing some of our favorite cat themed gift items for 2016.

Each and every one of these products is in stock and ready to ship!



BEST SELLER! CATWINE MEOW & CHANDON CHAMPAGNE: Meow & Chandon is HERE! This 12 oz bottle is complete with the gold foil around the top. This healthy treat for your Feline is packed with organic Catnip and sure to make your kitty silly.




LIVE, LOVE AND PURR BOX SIGN: Proudly express your love for cats with this box sign that reads “Live, love, purr”.  Measures: 5″ x 7″.



POLKA DOT KITTY CAT FACE MUG RUG BY MICHAEL ANNE: This lovely custom-made mug rug ( extra large drink coaster mean’t for holding a cup of tea or coffee  ) make the perfect gift for cat lovers. It features a whimsical polka dot kitty cat silhouette over a gold colored fabric. It has a built in pocket and handle strap for easy moving and storage. This product is custom made at time of order.





WOMEN AND CATS WILL DO AS THEY PLEASE COFFEE MUG: Such a fun gift for that special cat lover this holiday season. 






 HEATHER GRAY HAND SCREEN PRINTED LADIES SWEATSHIRT: Express your undying love for cats with this comfortable and warm sponge fleece blended sweatshirt.





Kitty Van Meow Cat Journal Notebook: This approx 7″ x 5″ journal includes an elastic band that is attached to the back for tight closure, and a gold paintbrush pen. Great for gift giving and a stocking stuffer this holiday season.




ONE CAT AWAY FROM BEING A CRAZY CAT LADY PILLOW: One of our most popular items for the holiday season! This fun cat lover pillow will make the ultimate gift for any cat loving lady on your holiday shopping list.






WHISKERED CATS COSMETIC BAG IN LIME GREEN: This is a small Laurel Burch canvas bag with zipper closure, perfect as a cosmetic bag! It measures about 9.25 x 6.75 and features a colorful cat design. Reverse is same design as front.





HEMINGWAY’S CAT BOUTIQUE E-GIFT CARD: Our e-gift card makes the perfect gift. Especially for that special cat lover that has everything. Available in increments of $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00.

Once purchased, the recipient will receive an email ( you provide date and time of delivery ) that will include their gift card code for use in our cat store, where they can shop at their convenience, from the comfort of their home.

We hope our list of gift ideas will be of use this year.

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!!!

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We Proudly Carry Only Catspia Cat Clothing-Made Exclusively For Cats


We wanted to let all of you know that we recently made the decision to only carry one clothing line for cats and kittens. That is the Catspia line of Clothing.

The reason for this decision is we wanted to make sure that the clothes we carry for cats is actually made for cats. This is not always the case. Even though many quality lines of pet clothing exist. Most are not made for a cats particular needs in mind.

With the Catspia line of cat and kitten clothing, you are getting the highest quality of cat clothing and apparel. The highly talented designers behind this line of clothing, are cat lovers- first and foremost. Their attention to detail with their products is evident. And they strive to ensure that every single product they design is tested on one of their own cats. Comfort and ease of movement is necessary for our feline friends.

We are very honored to be able to carry this wonderful line of clothing, just for cats.


Please visit our cat clothing section by clicking here: 

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Katris Modular Cat Furniture Now Available At Hemingway’s

We are thrilled to announce that we now carry the full line of Katris Modular Cat Furniture in our cat store!




Katris is an innovative modular scratching system that allows you to create scratching structures that are ideal for your pet and your home. you can create endless configurations with the 5 different shapes based on your cat’s scratching preferences and what your home accommodates both aesthetically and functionally. our mission in creating this was to satisfy the famously fickle nature of house cats who will only scratch where you want them to when conditions are perfect from their perspective, and at the same time work with the nuances of the environment it goes in. it keeps your cat happy, your furniture safe, and won’t make your house look like a cat furniture junkyard.





The Katris Line of high end contemporary cat furniture comes in many styles. If you are looking for cat furniture that will blend nicely into any home decor, this is the furniture for you and your cat.

Additional, before you purchase, information about this amazing line of cat furniture:

  • Each bundle includes 5 katris blocks (one of each shape i/o/l/t/z), 5 bags of organic catnip and 10 pieces of katris clips.
  • modular scratching system that you can arrange in endless configuration to please yourself and your cats.
  • incredibly durable for scratching, lasting through over a year’s worth of use!
  • each piece assembled by over 200 sheets of paper, which can withstand more than 300 lbs of force!
  • made with 100% recyclable paper with sgs certified non-toxic glue.

The complete collection can be viewed here by clicking the link below. Sorry, US orders only for the Katris product line.

Katris Product Line



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The Perfect Gift For Cat Lovers



Looking for the perfect gift for a cat lover? Look no further. Hemingway’s Cat Boutique now offers e-gift cards to our customer’s.

Our e-gift cards are available in increments of: $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00.

These handy e-gift cards are ideal for that special, cat lover who is simply hard to buy for.

It is “EASY BREEZY” with our e-gift cards.

Our gift cards can be found here E-gift cards 

To purchase, simply fill in the recipient information; Once purchased, we will send the e-gift card to the email address of the recipient,  with any message you provide us with. The recipient can use the gift card immediately by entering the gift card code at checkout.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, toll-free 1-866-631-4447.

Thank you so much for being a valued customer.

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Check Out What’s New In Our Cat Store For The Summer

We have been working hard adding lots of new cat products and gifts to our boutique for the Summer season. Here are a few of our newest and favorite arrivals!


Beige Polka Dot Cat Stroller And Carrier

Product Features:

  • Removable carrier bag that can be used as a shoulder carrier or car seat
  • Space-saving, eco-friendly design when folded
  • Snack tray with two cup holders and ample storage basket for treats and toys
  • Double 360 degree turning front wheels and rear safety brakes
  • Suitable for cats up to 22 lbs
  • Carrier dimensions: 22″L x 12.5″W x 14″H

Colorful Geometric Bow Tie Cat Collar

These handmade designer cat safety collars feature a colorful geometric pattern fabric. These cat safety collars are made of 100% cotton fabric and are lined with interfacing and are 3/8″ wide. They are lightweight and comfortable but very strong!


Pretty In Pink Cat Bed

This cat bed tent is made of white nylon fabric and features a billowing eave of fine sheer material. The eave is secured by five white Satin ribbons, which are tied in bows. Accessories include a white wood spire adorned with Genuine Swarovski crystals and a pink cushion filled with anti-allergic fiber and covered with a washable faux wool fabric. Being raise off the floor protects your pet from cold and heat. Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash pillow cover; vacuum / dry clean tent fabric. Easy to assemble, No tools are required.


Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge In Slate Grey

Featured on Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell

This cat scratcher truly is the ultimate scratcher for your pet cat. It acts as both a scratcher and a lounge, reversible for twice the use; Gorgeous design that is made of recycled corrugated cardboard.


Shop with us today and enjoy free shipping on your US order!


Thanks for reading!